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Thursday, October 25, 2018



By K. Scott

First I need to say, I've failed for the last 2 years to tend to this Blog. And for that I am truly sorry. That is if anyone out there even  has cared!  The reason I'm unsure is, because I've failed to promote this Blog properly.  I was very new to Google's Blog system and still am a bit. Thus, I don't really have it out on the  web the way it should be.
The smell in the air is changing.  Summer is over and the Fall season is upon us once again. Halloween will be here again soon. Costumes, decorations, Trick or Treating, candy and kids pumped up on sugar.  I kind wish I could go Trick or Treating! But I have had the been going, in a sense, to a house of horrors.  
 I've been working long hours trying fix problems with my web hosting company (note if you want to even sell a few things, avoid Homestead.com). I haven't been able to change anything not even a line of text my site about 2 years. I have been  been cruising the internet looking at Chatty Cathy dolls just to see what's out there. I've been really examining the ones I find on a certain auction site. We all know it. It's the one that starts with the letter e___.com.  You know the one I mean.  
I don't know exactly why, I still find myself astonished to find, some of the worst Chatty's I've ever seen "'out there".  They seem especially bad this year or so it seems.  There are so many crooked, missing or no teeth, on almost all Chatty's. This isn't true for all Chatty's but many. I found this on almost all soft-faced early model Chatty dolls.  Then there are touch ups galore! This is now referred to as either, "enhanced or "restored" and even "OOAK's".  I'll say they are one of a kinds!  Oh my gosh!  It's like a house of horrors out there. It's a haunted house open year round.  But even though, I know these dolls are always out there or on there.  I still find myself very surprised. 
 I wonder why I am?  It's think it's probably because, I'm always trying to be the ever eternal optimist.  But alas, "Franken Chatty's" are out in full force for Halloween or so it seems. These Chatty's can be found far easier than a true original Chatty dolls.  It's true!  Go cruise and look for yourself.  
I suppose this is just a sad fact of doll collecting now.  
The Chatty world is possibly a bit larger now probably due to lack of jobs.  And being the people we are, full of hope and the land of opportunity. All the while we're trying to eat and care for our families. So innovation or entrepreneur's abound all over the place! While I admire this spirit, and am one such person myself, I don't think this is the way to go. Sadly, they do not understand or worse, don't care, about the end buyer of that "enhanced" or "OOAK" doll.  By this of course, I'm referring to the person or person's that will end up with the doll, and doesn't know that it's not an original Chatty. While I don't want to believe, people are purposefully trying to deceive people; the lack of disclosures in many of the descriptions, tend to make me feel otherwise.  I don't like feeling this way at all!

I have admitted before, I'm a purist when it comes to Chatty Cathy and other doll remaining all original.  If they just have to be fixed, then fix them the best you can. Please just fix them the way they are supposed to be.  Not to become a newly described "doll artist'"s rendition, of what they want a Chatty to look like with their artistic vision's.  If you want to make dolls, learn to make them!  Don't take a Mattel made Chatty Cathy Doll, and turn her into a "FrankenChatty"!!  
I mean, even Marie Osmond makes dolls from her own designs (or it appears).  
I have no reason to distrust Marie Osmond for heavens sake! Or do I?  :-)
Chatty's "out there", are being re-rooted with strange and odd hair colors, dyed to be Black, when they never were and, of course always the eye changes. 
 What is it about Chatty's eyes that people do not like?  What did she ever do to them?  Did she look at them wrong?
Well all Chatty lovers let's unite and fight to keep our Chatty's original.  By all means do get her voice repaired by a masterful repairman. Do fix her hair back to original or yes, clean her up.  Even give her a new outfit if she doesn't have one.  But by all means let's get it out there that this is all that should be done to an original doll.  
Well, until that day the season of "FrankenChatty" will come and go, and come again...
Yes, Halloween has come again.
Please be vigilant Chatty lovers!
Once again, I'm truly sorry I've neglected this Blog!
K. Scott