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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beware of Free You Tube Repair Video's!

                     Be Careful About What is Taught on You Tube!

Watching a "Expert" on Repairing Chatty Cathy Dolls, Break Chatty's Neck Flange

I saw a repair "training" video on YouTube. I have seen a lot of crazy and incorrect things on YouTube but this is personal for me,
People follow these directions and break their dolls and then send them to her to fix them!
She dipped Chattys entire body in just boiled water to show how to remove the limbs.
She heated up a Chatty Baby up with a blow dryer without protection. What's worse is when she tore the head off she was telling viewers to be careful because you can break the neck flange. So what did she do as she tried yanking the head off before it was ready? Broke the neck flange and brushed it aside in such a way to where viewers weren't supposed to notice the cracking sound and the piece that fell off the top of Chatty Baby's head!
Please be weary people of what people are teaching you for free especially on YouTube! See they get money for the views. People post things on YT to make money from the ads.
Do not try to do the process that lady shows on You Tube or you'll break your Chattys neck, melt her torso and ruin her voice box and probably grow mold inside the doll.
Bad form people really bad form.
I just want everyone to either have a mentor or learn through a reputable person who has expertise in museum-like doll restoration.
I realize everyone wants to try to get their Chatty talking again and don't want to pay a fortune. But let me warn you, learning on You Tube from the top Chatty Cathy repair video will cause you more trouble than you bargained for.
If you need help getting a Chatty repaired ask me for the names of one or two really good Chatty and Mattel talking toy repair technicians.
Have a Chatty Day!
Kathy S.