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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

 Repairing Chatty Cathy’s Voice

I realized there are a couple of older posts that I didn’t get notice of regarding Chatty Cathy voice repair. Someone asked if Greg Allred still repairs Chatty’s. As far as I know he does but his price went up by a lot so that and a botched eye repair made me look elsewhere. I didn’t want to but it is what it is. If you want to locate him to ask about repair, Google him. He lives in Las Vegas, NV. I found him on an old post response about repairing a Barbie’s voice. Hopefully this will help the person who asked that question.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced repair person let me know.

You may contact me through my web sites at either https://www.originalchattycathydoll.com or at https://www.chattycathydolls.com 

Message or email me or find me on Twitter or Facebook! Fastest is message on either of the two websites above.



Happy Holiday Season Chatty Collectors and To One and All!

 Brunette Canadian decal eyed Chatty Cathy Doll in Red, White Festive Holiday Original Chatty Outfit

 Canadian Decal Eyes Brunette Chatty Cathy Doll in Seahawks Outfit

Hi Chatty Collectors and one and all! I hope everyone out there is having or had a wonderful holiday season. I realize that many of us weren’t able to go have big family gatherings but I hope all my dear Chatty collector friends found a way to have joy during this time of COVID. 

My two Chatty’s here are dressed for 1. In red/white looking festive for Christmas and 2. My Canadian brunette decal-eyed Chatty is wearing one of two Seahawks outfits for football season. Sadly the Seahawks season is coming to an end sooner than we here in the Pacific NW are used to. But hey, can’t win em all and we’ve been spoiled for the past ten years or so. Better luck 🍀 next season. I hope everyone’s favorite team (if not the Seahawks), will be able to get into the playoffs. 

If anyone is having trouble finding a repair person to fix Chatty’s voice box let me know. I’ll be happy to try and help. While many of us are stuck at home whether due to the pandemic or the snow (like we are here in Washington), it’s a fine time to spruce up your Chatty Cathy and other like dolls. You can purchase my e-book “Care of Chatty’s” and learn how to clean, fix her hair and other tips and tricks. It’s a good time for projects like caring for your Chatty Cathy and other vintage dolls. 

I’m still seeing so many of what I call “FrankenChatty’s” online. Chatty dolls with bright touched up lips, freckles and Shirley Temple like hairstyles. Ugh! I’m also seeing “reproduction” boxes for all kinds of Mattel Talkers and this drives me a little bit nutty. I want to ask the sellers what are people to do in 20+ years when they think they have a real Mattel original box? Same with the painted up faces and eye replacements etc. on Chatty Cathy dolls. I think we must preserve our dolls for the future whether in our family’s or someone else’s. How will future collectors know what’s original and what’s not if I don’t keep putting this info out here?  Okay, I’ve said my piece on this as usual. 

If anyone needs assistance with purchasing a pristine, truly original Chatty Cathy or Mattel talker just head on over to either, https://www.originalchattycathydoll.com or https://www.chattycathydolls.com to reach me and also buy my Chatty information guide “Care of Chatty’s”.

Everyone please stay safe, well and enjoy this season or try to make the best of it. I hope you find some peace and joy!

I realize many of us are lonely or weary of this difficult time. It’s hard I know and some days are more difficult than others.  Hang in there everybody!

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Hugs and Joy,


Kathys Chatty Cathy Dolls & Vintage Talking Toys

Saturday, June 19, 2021

 Happy Juneteenth Everyone! 

10% off Chatty dolls over $100.00 on my sites! Good through this weekend! Celebrate #HappyJuneteenth this weekend with your loved ones & friends or give to your favorite Black/AA Charity or HSBCU but please make sure everyone is either vaccinated or masked up 😷 

Be Safe & Remember why we have this holiday. 

Please visit my store at Kathys Chatty Cathy’s & Vintage Talking Toys!