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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy & Safe Holidays To All our Troops (Going off topic) For Our Service Members, Veterans & Their Families



   Christmas Wreath for a Happy Holiday Wishes


I  Wish Our Troops a Safe, and More than a Few Minutes,
of a Very Merry Christmas as well as a Happy Holiday Season & Safe Happy New Year.
I further Wish & Pray that All will Return Home Safely in 2014 & No Longer.
I Wish Happiness & Best Wishes to All Our Veterans & Their Families.
I wish for the Same to Everyone All Around the Globe Everywhere Who Celebrates a or the Holiday during This Time of Year.

My shout out for Our Troops

I wish for a Wonderful, Magical, Safe, Prosperous & Happy New Year for 2014 &beyond to All Our Troops, Our Veterans, and to all Our Service Family Members.  I know me saying thank you so much, for your sacrifices, services to and for our country, although I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart, I know that is not enough. It feels so lacking saying "thank you for your service". It's not enough, to merely, say the words.  In fact, I've heard that Veterans say, they get tired of hearing it (albeit it's better than no words at all).  It is my sincere hope, my one Christmas wish and my New Years prayer, that everyone will pause during their hectic holiday schedules and say collective prayers for our troops, send an unified shout out to wish our Troops well,  and send money to the good organizations who serve our Troops, Veterans and their Families. I think of all our men and women who are in harms way right now, as I'm writing this. I think about them being so far away from home, and away from any semblance of normalcy. This is the case, often for years and years and years. 
Collectively, we all can, and need to, remember all of those who are serving Our Country in our stead. Thinking about all Service Members who are in harms way right now, this very minute, and all future minutes until they come home safely.   Our Troops, give so much of themselves. They will continue to do so until they safely make it home and afterwards as well. But even then, our Veterans have so much to overcome, when they do make it home.  I'm thinking of the many wounded Warriors and hospitalized Veterans, with visible and not so visible wounds. I'm thinking how much those who love them, and who care for them have sacrificed for all of us and their loved one. They All have sacrificed SO, much that it's difficult to grasp what they have, and are going through right now… I'm thinking very sadly, of all those who have died in this all too long war. There are no words.  No thank you’s that help. There are only deeds we can do to now to serve them.
I wanted to send this, my small shout out, to our Troops, Veterans and their families!  "Thank You," isn't enough I know. I give all I can every month or more. I wish so much that all of you could can come home sooner rather than later. I’ll do my part to ask Our President again, to make sure you can ALL come home this coming year. I'm going to continue to bug him in whatever way I can some more. I really wish for, and hope that, you ALL will stay safe. I pray that every Service member comes home very soon, and does so safely. But, until that day, you all have my prayers, my best wishes, my financial and emotional support, and my Thank You So much for your Services for our Country and for your Sacrifice”.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to those in harms way, those in hospitals, those adjusting to life back home and those suffering in silence. Please, by all means, feel free to contact me if any of you see this. I hope that you do. Then, we can talk about, whatever you'd like to talk about.  Maybe you want to talk about something more mundane. Maybe you may want to talk about something really terrible. I'm am also a Pastor, was a social worker, community outreach worker, work with addicts, and am a fellow human being. 
God Bless you all. 
As for the rest of us, we need to press the President and Congress to move heaven and earth to get the VA to get it together. Process the enormous backlog of applications immediately. What's happening there is a National travesty and it brings shame to our Nation. So is the fact, that we have so many homeless Veterans. They should always have a home and the services that they need. A great program has worked in Arizona. They have gotten homes, they say for every homeless Veteran. They did this by doing is known as "wrap around services”. This is finding, and then getting, Veterans all the services they need to prevent homelessness. These things include medical attention, mental health services, counseling, jobs training, and even substance abuse treatment. This means they get to the root causes of homelessness. Now that they've housed and helped the Veterans, they are going to use this same model for all their homeless population. We should demand these services in our towns, cities, States and all over this country.
For Christmas, instead of all presents, write a letter, call a Congressman/woman (the women tend to really work together to get things done), give of your time, your money, talk to a Veteran, or someone just back home from Afghanistan.  Just ask a recent or older Veteran a regular question as in strike up a conversation like you would with anyone else.  I have never heard of anyone in America who doesn't "support the troops". We are the United States, and as such, should never, not ever, leave those out in the cold, who have sacrificed so very much.
Start a program, start something just do anything. They went voluntarily to the most of our wars but notably, the last one, and the current war in Afghanistan.
For many reasons we all were able to stay home and not give up anything. Most of us are home with our families and friends this holiday season. They are not. I ask that everyone at least think about this and then at the very least call your State Representative or write a letter to the President demanding that the Veterans Administration's backlog of claims gets resolved and now. This is my Christmas and New Years hopes and prayers. Yes, my "Thank You for Your Service".
Here are a few Non-profit Veterans groups that I know are of great help to Veterans with many Vets helping Vets and many more that are great I didn't mentioned here. I personally support, Wounded Warrior Project, Got Your Six, Help Hospitalized Vets , The USO (they’re good for getting phone cards and care packages, and this AM just after midnight, I saw them delivering Christmas items to the Troops in Afghanistan, and they also get other items to Troops in War zones) and VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars and yes Afghanistan & Iraq are just two such wars), to name a couple.
There are many, many more out there. If you want more information on many great projects that know what Veterans need now. You may check out many non-profits at, Got Your Six, which is run, by Veterans, for Veterans and they spread the word. They encourage people to start their own non-profit org. You may do some web research as well to find more information on great organizations that year around, are in need financial and other assistance.  You may already give to a Veterans Organization. That’s wonderful. I guess what I’m getting at is we need to do much more especially now that more Service Members have come home and are coming home, this year. What should we do about the VA backlog? All I can think of is call and write the President, Congress, local Representatives and so forth. If we all do this the huge problem just might get fixed! If they can fix the Health Care Web Site in such a short time after knowing of it's problems, then they should be able to fix the computerization issue at the VA. Maybe we need Steve Jobs for that too?
Merry Christmas Everyone.
Love, Peace & Prayers for Safe Return Home in the New Year

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All and to Our Troops, Veterans, Their Families & To Everyone Else!

          This is the beautiful 1998 Mattel Holiday Chatty Cathy still Mint in Box. She's my favorite of all the Mattel reproductions or any other reproduction for that matter. She has such beautiful brown eyes and lovely soft and long hair. These are rarer than the rest of the Mattel reproductions and they are hard to find complete with everything still in the box. They sell for up to $399.99. I'm selling her for $289.99 in case anyone wants to add one to their collection (She's even less for Active Duty and All Honorably Discharged Service Members as well as members of The DOD). Please E-mail or call me for any information. Or, you can go and visit my site where she is up for sale on the Chattys for Sale New page (the lavender link).

I wish you all a Very Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  I wish this specially for our Troops & Veterans. I'm thinking of you all right now & will continue to until you come home safely.

If you've visited my web store thank you. I hope you all have a prosperous, joy-filled, magical, wonderful and Happy New Year!
Please feel free to join in to discuss anything about Chattys, Mattel favorite toys or any other comments about dolls (or anything else appropriate). 
The hosting company for my web site, deleted or hid my main Chattys for Sale page and many other key pages! Talk about the super wrong time of year for this to happen. They fixed it once and then I logged back in to add some more information and rebuild the pages they deleted by accident forever and low and behold my Chattys for Sale page was gone again! It took years to build that page. Each doll is a full photo shoot project. It's like dealing with models that talk but only if I pull their strings! Then there are the 80 plus other vintage talking Mattel toys that also have been through a photo shoot. That includes ironing clothes, doing hair, props, ribbons, finding the outfits in the first place, having the perfect lighting conditions etc etc. Then off to editing which takes quite a bit of time as well. It takes hours just to put one single doll up on my site! ALL gone. I was talking to a lower level tech guy at Homestead (the hosting company), and all the sudden my very full, very long page of products disappeared and the phone went dead! Coincidence? I think not. I think he had an oh cr-- moment and hung up  on me because he didn't know what else to do. Their high level tech guys got the page back up some other way which they failed to tell me how and that lasted until I logged in to add some Christmas or Holiday information and graphics. Update a few prices and lower some etc. My products are gone. The page isn't in the root directory. They also make it on purpose where you can't download all your files to your computer to keep control of them. It's called FTP. Stands for File Transfer Protocol. They do this to keep it that way, so they retain control of all your files. Thus, making it almost impossible to move your web site to a new hosting firm. They make it so you have to rebuild from scratch and whatever photos you happen to still have of your items for sale. In sum, I'm fed up so I'm moving my very same, yet better, web store and same name, to a new hosting firm who does has FTP and 24/7 phone support and is a Green Company using wind energy. Homestead is not available on weekends or even after 5:00 PM on weekdays. That's ridiculous. Most people have other jobs besides running a web site. We're not all Amazon(TM). Okay I'm done talking about all that. Except to say I didn't get Christmas cards out due to working on rebuilding my site so it had at least a few things for the over 200 people per week who visit the site. That's just the number they can track. Many people do web searching and shopping "incognito". This is a good thing which makes it so search engines and company's can't track you while you're surfing and shopping on the web. Talk about the NSA? Big and smaller businesses have been doing this for years and years. Since the invention of the internet. I found out about it by chance when my former web hosting company and my current one kept stats on who visited my site, their email digital address, company, how long they stayed on each  page etc. etc. That's truly Big Brother watching. It didn't start with former President Bush and Vice Pres. Cheney. It started long before by big business then smaller ones.  I didn't like it when I found out they were doing this and I ignore it now. I don't look to see who's been at my site. It's none of my business unless they contact me. What I for for Christmas from my web hosting firm well I got Scrooged!  Okay now I'm really off this topic! LOL!
But I'm not going to let my web hosting company ruin my holiday or yours for that matter! 
I've been blessed to be a part of some wonderful clients lives and secret gift giving plans and schemes.  Then I get to hear all about  how they cried when they opened their gift and found a Chatty Cathy. They find her just like they remembered her and their are always tears of joy, sparking eyes,  and squeels of delight after opening their present. That is what keeps me going. That is exactly why I keep doing this for no money. I love to help people to be able to give their loved ones the childhood  doll they treasured so much and lost. Chatty dolls bring back times of happiness and sometimes only comfort in their childhood memories. A doll that was lost somewhere often tragically, a long time ago. This is a priceless gift. There is nothing I can think of that feels better, or brings more joy, than getting your very most favorite childhood doll. The one and only that you wanted so badly and loved so much or wanted so badly and didn't get. It's such an honor for me that I get to be part of  people;s lives when getting their beloved dolls and toys back. That goes for the person giving the gift of a Chatty too. It's easy to go buy gadget or jewelry at a store. It takes a special person who takes the time to buy someone they love their childhood dream doll or toy. So many emotions involved on all sides. back memories for them as well. Maybe for the sibling who broke it or the mother who threw it away or doesn't "remember what ever happened to that doll"... Oh the joy! Just writing this makes me smile.
 I hope everyone out there gives something, or gets something wonderful during their holiday celebrations.  I hope everyone has the chance to be with their loved ones.
If Santa didn't bring you just what you wished for Christmas...I'm more than happy to help you get your childhood Chatty doll (well one just like her) for your late Christmas present. 
If you need my help with anything else feel free to let me know. I'm available and not leaving town this year.
Thank you  to all who visited my site, contacted me, talked with me or purchased something from my store or stock. I appreciate it so much. Moreover, it allows me to get more dolls repaired, purchased and fixed up in order to bring happiness to more people. And it allows me albeit temporarily sometimes, to be in your lives. And for this I am thankful...
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All! 

Visit my web site at:  http://www.originalchattycathydoll.com

Please excuse the construction! I am completely open for business and have plenty of dolls in stock.  I'm ready to serve you in whatever way you need now throughout the New Year and beyond. 
Please Go Check it out. 
I'll let you know when the new, better, more current site is moved and up and running!  I'll make sure there is no stall during the transition.